My upcoming show titled Détachment opens in Fredericton at the Playhouse on June 6th. Please come and join us for the reception starting at 5:45 pm. I hope to see you there. It could be interesting….


Détachment – the act of gracefully surrendering to the Divine movement without hesitation.

The artist is to be as a paintbrush for God who acts through him/her as Primary Artist. The self or the secondary artist is participating, again, in the first creative act. It is this spiritual relationship – the coming and going – the movement of the secondary artist via the Primary Artist that is transmitted to the viewer in light, colour and line; the work as a whole. A painting always expresses the artist’s inner life and is meant, purposefully, to draw and resonate within the observer’s soul.

The authentic artist creates art as a response to an inner calling. In answering his or her call the artist speaks outwardly to the viewers in the immediacy of their relation to the work, then through introspection and finally through dialogue with others. The artwork itself is created as a response to this inner call. The inner call of the artist is an invitation to live an unlimited freedom of potentiality in the opening of life’s becoming in and with being.


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